The Best Way to Engage and Retain Your Employees

Give them Personalized Insights and Actions to Improve their Work Life

Most employee experience initiatives look similar: employees complete a survey, their data is analyzed, and then some results and insights are delivered to their leaders. Of course, it’s important to give feedback to leaders, but what do employees get out of it? Where are their personal insights? Even more importantly, what can employees do to improve their work life?

Most employee experience initiatives fail to support the very people they’re designed to help: the employees themselves. That’s why it’s crucial to use an employee experience strategy that gives personalized insights and actions to every individual employee to improve their work life and get more fulfillment out of their career.

Here are five advantages of giving personalized insights and actions to every employee that we’ve seen with our client organizations:

  1. Increased Retention: Empowering employees with personalized insights and actions to grow helps them feel supported and valued, increasing their loyalty to the organization. By recognizing employees’ lagging experiences and then offering effective actions to improve them, you show employees that you’re listening to them and that you genuinely care. And here’s what naturally emerges from this care: employees will want to stay with your organization. For example, our client, GQR, reported a 58% increase in retention after only one year of supporting employees with personalized insights and actions. Further, having this type of personalized employee experience system is a competitive advantage that attracts top talent, signaling to potential employees that the organization values their individual growth and success.
  2. Improved Performance: By supporting employees with action steps based on their insights, employees will have a clearer understanding of how they can increase their experience of mastery and where they need more support from leaders to improve their performance. Further, personalized insights help employees to see paths for growth and take ownership of their professional development, contributing to improved effort, productivity, and success.
  3. Increased Employee Engagement: Personalized insights help employees understand how their individual efforts are contributing to the mission and goals of the organization, increasing their sense of value and endorsement of their work. Further, when employees see that their organization cares about their individual needs and preferences, they, in turn, feel more committed to their organization and its success.
  4. Better Communication: Employees often shy away from conversations with leaders about where they need more support. You can address this crucial gap by providing employees with effective recommendations about how to give upward feedback to their leaders in a way that is collaborative, productive, and garners support. Further, you can integrate the upward feedback actions you give to employees with the recommendations you make to their managers about how to address their team’s needs, resulting in more meaningful conversations about performance, expectations, and professional development.
  5. Greater Buy-In and Adoption of Your Employee Experience Initiatives: Most employees cringe when they hear the words ‘employee survey/assessment’ because they feel that it’s a waste of their valuable time. They complete the survey and get nothing back in return. You can solve this problem by giving every employee the intrinsic reward of self-learning via personalized insights about their experience and actions to improve it. When employees know up front that they will receive this personalized feedback, they lean in. Our client organizations typically see over 80% participation and engagement rates with their employee experience initiatives.
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